My blog at Investor Education Fund coming soon

As noted in August in my Wealthy Boomer blog — here —  I’ll be blogging weekly at the Investor Education Fund as part of its Masters of Money blogging platform. Several authors have already begun posting.

Look for my submission next week if not before by clicking here. (I can verify the first installment has indeed been written!). Generally, it will be laying out a lot of the principles of Financial Independence that this blog and the novel focuses on. As explained elsewhere on this site devoted to the novel, the “Model” is three-fold: fee-based (or better yet fee-only) financial planning coupled with discount brokerage and ETFs.

As noted in my column today in the FP, I think the days of the Easy Chair ETF portfolio are long gone: you can try and cut commission costs through a discount brokerage, and investment management costs through ETFs or holding securities directly, but I still think you need the help of a financial professional — ideally a fee-only planner like the one I use. (He’s one of five CFPs listed in the acknowledgements to the book. I’d recommend any of them, though: I introduced EES Financial’s Jason Heath in the blog on my MoneyShow talk and in November I’ll be giving another talk to clients and prospects of Burgeonvest’s John De Goey.)

Of course, recent market action appears to be threatening the financial independence of many older investors nearing retirement age. It’s a pity that the Fed’s Operation Twist was viewed negatively by the market: down almost 300 points. As I posted on Twitter, Wyatt  Investment Research aptly compared the Fed’s shenanigans to shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

Speaking of which, see my recent blog entry at TWB on Harry Dent Jr’s new book, The Great Crash Ahead. More to come in the paper this weekend.

And for those looking for other good financial blogs, even though I’m not part of it, I think Sun Life Canada’s new site deserves regular visits from anyone interested in financial independence. It was launched this Monday, as noted in TWB here.

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  1. Preet says:

    Looking forward to your guest blogging at IEF.

  2. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the share!

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