It’s Financial Literacy Month

As noted on my Wealthy Boomer blog earlier this week and in my Wednesday column in the Post, the month of November is now being dubbed Financial Literacy Month. Check my recent blog entry here to review an excellent 1.5-hour web presentation on financial literacy hosted by ABC Life Literacy Canada. It’s interesting because it takes a life cycle approach to investing: with experts focusing first on young children, them moving along the life cycle to university, entering the work force, family formation, mid life and finally retirement.

Findependence Day takes the same life-cycle approach, which is why celebrated finance professor and author Moshe Milevsky described it as “a financial voyage through the human lifecycle, introducing the reader to important concepts in portfolio theory, investment analysis and retirement planning.”

Or why the advisor’s advisor, Bob Veres, called it a “financial pilgrim’s progress.”

Get rich slowly

Because the book takes place over a 22-year time span (this is a get rich slowly book, not a get rich quick one!), it’s quite natural to tackle personal finance this way. The main characters, Jamie and Sheena, go through what many of its readers will go through: marriage, buying a first home, joining the company pension plan, getting pregnant, raising the kids and saving for their education and on right through to Financial Independence and ultimately Retirement. (Remember, I view Findependence Day as Pre-Retirement, a creative engaged period when you’re able to manifest your dreams). Oh, nearly forgot: they also separate and Sheena serves Jamie with divorce papers.

Pay attention to all the events surrounding Financial Literacy this month. My Boomer blog will try and keep you abreast of it all, as will some of my Twitter and Facebook feeds. Remember, I’m also on Linked In and Google Plus. Hope to see you there!

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