My Last Wealthy Boomer blog — for now

Friday was my last day at the Financial Post. Two final columns ran in the paper on the weekend, then that will be it.

One of them was highlighted today as the last installment of The Wealthy Boomer blog, here.

The other is here.  It’s not yet clear what the fate of the blog will be. It won’t continue as presently constituted as a micro site at the [at least not written by me] but it may be reincarnated at some point on another platform.

Some readers have asked whether the column in the paper will continue. Not with any frequency: it was a full-time job producing those columns and blogs and I’ve now taken on a new full-time job, effective April 9th: as the editor of MoneySense magazine.

It’s possible that I’ll do an occasional (perhaps monthly) column for the Post once I make the transition but for now we’ll just have to see.

Oh … about the photo in the farewell blog. It was taken earlier this month at the National Post. If it seems a bit “leaner and meaner” than previous head-shots, that’s because last Halloween my wife and I embarked on a two-pronged regime of The 17-Day Diet and regular exercise. The result is The Wealthy Boomer is also the Lighter Boomer, by about 25 pounds.

— 59 —

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