The real “Jamie” reaches his own Findependence Day in Italy

The model for "Jamie"?

Tony Coletta

In recent weeks, I’ve been in touch with an old college friend who originally hailed from Italy and ultimately returned there to raise a family. Perhaps I had him in mind unconsciously when I created the “Jamie” character in Findependence Day, although of course as with most works of fiction, characters tend to be composites of real people and an author’s vivid imagination.

Either way, I was surprised not only to hear from Tony Coletta — aka “the real Jamie” or at least the inspiration for the character — but also to discover he had ordered the book, subscribed to MoneySense Magazine, and that he has already reached his own personal Findependence Day.

Tony sent me an email describing how his post-Findependence Day has transpired very much like that of his fictional counterpart in the novel. He also gave me permission to publish his description here and to run a photo of him.


So thanks, Tony, for sharing:

My Findependence is coming along just like you describe it in the book. In other words I keep doing exactly the same things as before but with a different attitude.

If I don’t get any work for a week, a month and sometimes even a couple of months, I don’t worry about it. I spend my time with the family or simply studying, exploring new ideas, preparing presentations and papers for conferences etc..

I take long vacations, usually all of July and August and go often to the beach.

Best regards


Vito Antonio (Tony) Coletta

— 59 —