The Kids are not alright: Fee-only planner and FP columnist on Findependence Day

This weekend’s Financial Post featured a column on financial literacy for young people and writer Jason Heath closed with a nod to Findependence Day. Titled The Kids are Not All Right, here is the full article and below is the reference to the book.

Jonathan Chevreau’s Findependence Day is another book that focuses on different stages of a young person’s financial development. While Taub’s book has chapters directed towards parents with children ranging from five to 21, Chevreau’s is aimed more specifically at young people aged 20-40. Findependence Day follows a young couple’s financial planning journey from their 20s to their 40s.

I should add that Jason is one of several fee-only financial planners with whom I vetted the manuscript when it was written in 2008. At the time, Jason was with one of Canada’s largest fee-only shops: EES Financial. The firm had created a concept it called Dream Day, which was very similar conceptually to what I call Findependence Day. Jason and a partner recently went out on their own to create their own fee-only financial planning shop, Objective Financial Partners Inc., based in Toronto.

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Credit Counselling Society buys Findependence Day

The Credit Counselling Society ( recently purchased a bulk order of Findependence Day for its offices in Westminster, B.C., which is being distributed to various Counselling Team leaders across the country.

For instance, on Twitter Winnipeg-based Counselling Team Lead Christi Postner ( today posted a mention of this on Twitter. Thanks to Christi, Scott Hannah, and others for helping to spread the word.

As long-time readers of this blog may know, Toronto-based Credit Canada is also distributing the book to clients.

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