The fruits of Findependence: kayaking with family in the fjords of Norway

Jon & Helen kayaking in a Norwegian fjord

While most of this blog emphasizes wealth creation, it should never be forgotten that every once in a while, once you’ve earned, saved and grown your money, there come times when some of it can actually be spent.

Yes, a luxurious vacation! Our family is currently in the second week of just such a vacation, in a Scandinavian adventure encompassing Sweden, Norway and now Denmark. Here’s a sample photograph of myself kayaking in a Norwegian fjord with daughter Helen. The rainbow says it all (it’s barely visible here smack in the centre of the photo where the slope of the mountain hits the water!)

Before this episode near Bergen, Norway, we had just completed an 11 kilometre bicycle ride through equally wonderful scenery: numerous waterfalls tumbling from tall cliffs, many trees and lakes almost reminiscent of Ontario’s Muskokas, and even porpoises and otters in the fjords. After this kayaking trip, we donned wetgear and went deeper into the fjord in a speedboat, which you can view with a photo I posted today on Twitter. (See my Twitter feed @jonchevreau).

Memories like these transcend financial considerations, especially when they are shared with family. But of course, experiences like this do require generous dollops of cash flow. It’s good to remind oneself during long stretches of earning, saving and investing that at some point there’s light at the end of the Findependence tunnel!

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