Part 2 of Money on Trees Q&A on Financial Independence

Part 2 of the question-and-answer session with Money on Trees has been posted, here.

Part 1 went up last week, here.

In both cases, the focus is heavily on young people getting started in the working world and how they can establish early the habits that will lead to ultimate “findependence.”

Financial Independence Q&A with Money on Trees

Here’s a Q&A about Financial Independence conducted with Money on Trees. The first part of the interview was posted Thursday morning here, with the second part scheduled for next Tuesday.

Note that I’ll be giving a similar talk about Findependence, real estate and personal finance tonight in Brampton (Pearson Convention Center) for the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). REIN members attending will receive an e-book version of the MoneySense Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance, plus the just-published April issue of the magazine, and possibly a copy of Findependence Day.

Interview with Dale Pinkert

Here’s a 20-minute audio interview conducted Friday with Dale Pinkert of FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room.

The chat touches on findependence, global currencies, central bank money printing and gold, currency hedging by investors in various countries, the loonie vs the US dollar, the need for portfolio rebalancing, MoneySense magazine, the aging of the baby boomers, the views of Harry Dent Jr. and Currency Wars author James Rickard, and more:

Click here to listen.