New Series: the 7 Eternal Truths of Personal Finance

The print edition of Wednesday’s Financial Post (June 10, page FP9) ran the first of a series of seven articles by me entitled “The Seven Eternal Truths of Personal Finance.”

Eternal Truth No. 1 is Live below Your Means.

The online link is here.

Note there is also a short video accompanying the online article, and a growing number of comments below the piece.

Here is a preamble I wrote for it:

Series Rationale: One of the most experienced personal finance writers in North America is the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig. As he wrote here after writing his 250th Intelligent Investor column, he confessed that there are only a handful of personal finance stories out there:

“I was once asked, at a journalism conference, how I defined my job. I said: My job is to write the exact same thing between 50 and 100 times a year in such a way that neither my editors nor my readers will ever think I am repeating myself. That’s because good advice rarely changes, while markets change constantly.”

In this seven-part series, I look back on my two decades plus of writing about money to distill it all down to these “seven eternal truths.”

As far as I know, the second instalment will run next Wednesday and subsequent Wednesdays over the summer.

Youngandthrifty review of Findependence Day

The book has received a good indepth review from the Youngandthrifty blog, which had previously likened Findependence Day to “The Wealthy Barber” on speed.

Click here for the review and a chance to win a copy.

Note that I’ve raised my age for my own personal “Findependence Day” up three years to age 64. Details to follow on the weekend.

— 64 –

Video: Pay down debt or save for retirement?

Here’s the second of three installments of a video interview I did with’s Kevin Press. It’s about three minutes and focuses on the theme of “guerrilla frugality” from the book, Findependence Day.

Click here to view.

— 64 –