Talk on Financial Independence at MoneyShow Toronto

I’ll be talking about financial independence at the Toronto MoneyShow late Thursday afternoon this week: details here. In addition to describing the three key strategies underlying Findependence Day, I’ll be giving my view of the economy and markets in view of several books I’ve read late this summer: John Mauldin’s Endgame, Gary Shilling’s The Age of Deleveraging, Mark Steyn’s After America, The Little Book of Sideways Markets and a few others.

I’ll be describing how investors can prepare for flat markets and minimal growth by cutting costs through the use of discount brokerages and buying certain exchange-traded funds (ETFs), but still getting guidance from fee-based (or better yet, fee-only) financial planners. I’ll also look a bit at how ETFs can be used to hedge against market volatility.

The second half of the talk features a fee-only planner, Jason Heath of EES Financial, who also writes articles for the Financial Post.

The session is at 5:15 pm and the show is at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

After, I’ll be selling (and signing) copies of Findependence Day: for just $10/copy since I’ll be passing on the savings on postage and handling.

After the talk, I’ll publish the text on this blog.


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